Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Gonna Kill GodKill...

While it was a novel idea to brush off the dust from my first novel Godkill which I wrote waaaaay back in 1989, I've decided to kill it for a few notable reasons:

#1) The main character rose to divinity by fooling the Muslims of the world and after watching what the author of Satanic Versus and the Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons controversy, I decided a fatwā against me would be a bad thing... 

#2) The main concept of the story could get me killed by the other end of the spectrum.  The main character is supposed to try and find a way to kill God...  What the fuck was I thinking back then?

#3) A movie called Dogma came out in 1999 (10 years after I wrote Godkill) and there's all kinds of similarities, for example I have a small golden demon who is foul-mouthed and perverted named Loki, Dogma also has a character named Loki... In my story Gerard has the army of hell and evil gods helping him battle the forces of good to try and kill God. In Dogma they jumped God to put him in a coma so angels could exploit a loophole and get back into heaven.  Very different stories but I remember when I watched the movie (which i thought was funny as hell) and said outloud, "Sonofa BITCH!"

#4) Some of my thinking all those years ago was plain stupid.  Embarrassing and just a little creepy...  The main character put his girlfriend in suspended animation and shrunk her down and carried around in his pocket for safe-keeping.  Seemed logical at the time, but when I was telling my wife about it, she just looked at me and said "That's fuckin' creepy" to which I have to agree to a point.

#5) Too many things that didn't make sense.  Too much convoluted plot twists that were very very very bad.  My wife points out "Hey you were only 18... give yourself a break..."  

I could go on and on, and maybe at a point later on I'll revisit it, but for now the only copy in existence is hanging on my display...  

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