Thursday, March 1, 2012

What others are saying about Convergence 2012...

Here's some reviews pulled from sites about Convergence 2012...

"I recommend this book. I'm kind of a geek when it comes to books. This one was good. On a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being like Dune or Ender's Game I can't put it down and 1 being like Twilight (ahhhh my eyes burn.... can't read it) This book was a solid 6+. I would rank it with some of Stephen Kings early work when he was all over the place but raw."  - Chris White

"Robert Ricks tells an intriguing story centered around aliens, conspiracies, and the fate of mankind. The flow of the story was smooth with a host of believable characters. Definitely a book for adults as Ricks paints a vivid picture of humanity's indulgence of the self, whether their vice is sex, drugs, or money. There was an abundance of interesting symbolism spread throughout the story All in all, I would definitely recommend this novel to adult readers interested in exploring the Mayan prophecy from a modern literary perspective. I look forward to the next book." - Timothy_Darwin

"This book is a Sci-Fi Fantacy novel. It begins in 2011 and works its way thru the end of 2012. The characters are well written and even though it takes place on earth, there is alot of mystical type stuff going on.
I found this novel hard to put down. I was constantly wanting to know what was coming next. It was unpredictable and very enjoyable. I recommend this book highly and I hope that Robert R Ricks comes out with the next book soon. I can't wait."- Theresa Wyckoff

"I won this book in a "giveaway" on Goodreads and finished it in short order. Kuthanaga, Xanari, Reshnogga, Annukai and more....with names like that, it took a while to get used to but Mr. Ricks keeps them in a running commentary and you quickly get up to speed as to who is who. The imaginative tale adds a twist to the recent plethora of 2012 fear-mongering and it was rather nice to have a bit of a different approach to "our" demise. The human heroes (with much easier pronunciation), Tim and Joy, are both losers and winners and the one thing I wish Mr. Ricks had added was a bit more flashback and stories of their drugs and violence years. It would probably have made their eventual "winner" status a bit more substantial. It would also have added insight as to why Kuthanaga chose them. I liked the idea of the being "marked" concept. And the constant changing of how and who was being marked worked in parallel with the changes that were rapidly occurring all over the world. I want to again thank Mr. Ricks for the opportunity to read his story and also...thanks for the cool bookmarks!!"- Bobby J

"I was glad I began reading this novel at the beginning of my days off. I couldn't put the book down, wanting to see what happened next. I found myself up all night reading. The characters are well developed and the story-line is almost too beliveable. Will the end of this world as we know it occurs in 2012 as predicted? Kept me turning pages! This was an enjoyable read."- LovesPooh

"I liked this book. I don't know why but the book went by pretty quick. Took me nearly two weeks and that's pretty fast for me. I usually take about a month to finish. If you like your stories colorful and not predictable you'll like this. There were some typos and there is some harsh language but neither really bothered me all that much."-Jamie Coleman

" I wasn't sure what to expect with the story. A friend of mine referred it to me after he read it. He knows that I'm a conspiracy nut and also deep into the whole 2012 Mayan prophecy. This is a story of fiction that uses the backdrop of aliens, conspiracy and mythology as a nicely woven tapestry.

I found myself laughing out loud at a few of the conspiracy references and have to give the author props. Some of the stuff in this book a LOT of people will gloss over, but to us conspiracy nuts we'll catch everything he throws at us.

This is an easy read and you can't beat the price. The book is solid with good character development and continuity was maintained. I will keep an eye out for the next volume.

I loved it. "-Jack Duncan


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